Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy contains important information about iVentize, what information is collected during your use of the APPs or web version, and how it is used. We recommend reading it.

Terms of use

Anyone can use it without logging in. However to post and interact with other users it's necessary to login using a Facebook account.
Content, information and user's comments are public and limited to privacy settings chosen by the user in their Settings.

Information collected at login with Facebook

Your name, self-description, website, company, department and position, date of birth, list of friends. Excepting date of birth and list of friends, the other information is shown to the other users of the APP. You can edit, delete or modify them at the Settings area.
When logging in with your Facebook account, it's requested your authorization to send the information above to your iVentize account. The authorization is requested only once.
How your information is used:
To fulfill your profile information on iVentize APP.
Your email:
When you login using Facebook, your email is stored but it's not published nor shown to other users or added to any mailing list. It's used only as your unique identifier in the system.
How your email will be used:
Solely to send information about other APP's users/friends responses to your follow requests or update you on who'd like to follow your activities and calendar in the Miami International Film Festival APP.
The date and time on the device you're using:
When you consult the Schedule on the APP/Web page, the date and time of the device used (computer, smartphone) is sent to the iVentize server in order to respond with the activities closer to the time of the consult

Overview: iVentize has functionalities similar to well-known social networks such us Facebook or Twitter

Posts in your connected social networks stream:
The default configurations of iVentize always ask your permission to publish your schedule, checkins and comments. It's your option to share these information in your social networks. No information is published in your social networks without your approval.
Profile update:
All profile information provided by you in iVentize can be updated at anytime, excepting your user name.
All information in iVentize is provided by the client and its users:
iVentize is a Content Management System and hosting of the information. The responsibility over the data and its accuracy belongs only to the authors (client and users).
Cookies are used to improve and ease your navigation. They identify the city from where you are accessing the APP, visited pages and identify you as a logged user. No information is shared with third parties.
Privacy and third party disclosure:
iVentize does not disclose private information about its users to third parties however the organizer, sponsor and other users of the APP may see the information you let available at your public profile on the APP. The organizer of the event may send you updates about schedule changes and promotions available through the private message system inside the APP.
Feel free to contact us at any time about the APP functionalities or doubts regarding the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at
iVentize is a software hired under the model of SaaS (Software as a Service) by its clients. It belongs to Convertiva Mobile Progr and Pub Ltda incorporated in Brazil and with offices in Miami.